5 Top Online University to Study in California


Here we bring to you a list of top online universities to study in California. You can choose from the below-mentioned colleges below that align with your goals. Visit the official websites through the links given below. Enrol before the last date and begin the journey of your promising career.

Online Colleges in California Accredited

When every college claim to be the best, it is necessary to choose those that are accredited. California has many accredited colleges and universities. These offer a diverse array of undergrad programs and degrees. Most of the accredited California-based institutions offer online programs. This caters to greater flexibility for students and professionals with time commitments. 

Read on to discover the best online colleges in California accredited.

  1. California State University, Northridge

California State University Northridge through Tseng College offers several online programs. Students can select from 17 degrees and certificates. The faculty and professors emphasize knowledge and career skills for both distance learners and on-campus learners. 

California state university online degrees-

  • Some popular programs that prepare students include a certificate in radiologic technology
  • A master’s in engineering management is also available.

For a complete list of courses and deadlines, click here 🡪 to visit the official website of CSUN

An academic and program support coordinator assists students in every online program at this top online California university.  Furthermore, all freshers are required to complete a two-week orientation. This teaches technology-based practices and learning strategies. To assist students with affordable study material the students have access to IT and library resources at any time.


Total Tuition fee- $10,000 to $45,240. The cost varies from course to course.


  • California State University welcomes online learners in the fall semester.
  • Undergraduate applicants need to possess an associate degree or at least 60 transferable credits. 
  • Lastly, a scholarship is offered to an applicant based on their undergraduate GPA.
  1. Golden Gate University, San Francisco

This university of California’s online degrees are affordable and have flexible conditions to meet every student’s requirements. Golden Gate University offers up to 60 online programs. 

GGU Online university bachelor’s degree in California-

It offers bachelor’s programs in-

  • management 
  • business 
  • data analytics
  • accounting
  • psychology
  • leadership and human skills development

Some popular programs in Master’s are-

  • Accountancy
  • Industrial-organizational psychology 
  • Business administration

The Graduate Certificate in Adaptive Leadership here is a popular online certificate program in California.

Click Here 🡪 to visit the official website of GGU.

 The number of students per class is limited. The average class size is 17 students. This allows learners to receive an individualized educational experience. Moreover, GGU bestows its online learners with math and writing tutoring services at zero additional charges. Academic counselors are also available at this top online university to study in California.


$1,090 /unit – $5,000/unit


  • Undergraduate applicants need an associate degree or at least 12 transferable credits.
  • However, this university does not seek standardized test scores. 
  • Full-time students are offered a 30% tuition reduction as well as a $2,000 Personal Leadership Grant.
  1. San Diego State University, San Diego

Ranked amongst the top online universities to study in California, San Diego State University offers 8 online degrees. 

The best online bachelor’s include-

  • Criminal justice
  • Economics
  • Public Health
  • Communication

While some popular master’s degrees are in- 

  • criminal justice
  • public health. 
  • Teacher leadership
  • Electrical engineering

For more details and applications, visit the official website of SDU.

The university also offers over 20 online certificates that you can see by clicking the above link.

SDSU ensures that its online learners are no different than on-campus learners. In some online and hybrid programs, they have employed a cohort learning model. Here a small group of learners takes courses together.  


Total Estimated Cost- $10, 000 to $30,000


  • SDSU accepts GED scores for most of its undergraduate programs.
  • For scholarship opportunities, one has to fill in a separate application.
  • In-state students can qualify for a full-tuition scholarship. 

So, visit the site and apply before the deadlines. Do check out the list of states where SDSU extends its online classes.

  1. Azusa Pacific University, Azusa

Azusa is considered one of the best online universities in California. It emphasizes traditional and Christian education. The university offers up to 36 online programs. They have undergraduate and graduate degrees on their list. 

Some popular online programs at Azusa Pacific are- 

  • a master’s in a screenwriting
  • doctorate in rehabilitation and movement science.

Click here 🡪 to visit the official website of APU.

APU Graduate Public Health Degree is popular these days as many students have already enrolled for the same as it tends to prepare for the present pandemic situation.

Online learners can access the course through Canvas. APU also offers software tutorials. These help students learn about online classes. You also have access to other resources including virtual writing tools, such as MLA, APA, and Chicago style guides. Their virtual library is also available for students online. 


Cost per Unit- $500- $800


  • APU accepts GED scores. 
  • It prefers undergrads with a minimum 3.0 high school GPA. 
  • A score of 19 or higher on the ACT or a 990 or higher on the SAT. 
  • Freshers can qualify for a full-tuition scholarship.  
  1. Brandman University, Irvine

Brandman offers nearly 12 online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Some programs also offer a hybrid option. Here students can take some courses on the university’s Irvine campus while accessing the rest online. 

Popular bachelor’s programs here are-

  • organizational leadership
  • preclinical psychology
  • supply chain systems.

Several academic advisors – highly trained professionals help learners select courses and keep pace with the track for graduation.

Click here 🡪 to visit the official website.


  • Those applying for bachelor’s programs need to have at least 12 undergraduate credits reflecting a minimum 2.0 GPA. 

So, these are the top online colleges to study in California. Apply in the one that aligns with your career goals. If you think that your college should be on the list, let us know in the comment section. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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