Types of MBA courses available in Canada

Top MBA colleges and universities offer MBA courses in Canada. MBA programs available in Canada include full-time MBA, part-time MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA), online MBA courses, weekend/evening MBA, etc.

MBA Fees In Canada:

The fees for MBA courses vary from one institute to another and depend on several factors such as specialization selected, duration, eligibility criteria, etc. If you’re looking forward to pursuing an MBA college or university in Canada, then you must research well and compare MBA fees charged by different institutes.

Generally, the MBA tuition fee in Canada ranges from $15,000 to $50,000. MBA programs that are shorter in duration and offer a general management degree tend to be less expensive than those that offer more specialized degrees.

Top 5 MBA Universities in Canada in 2022

Several highly respected Canadian universities offer some of the top MBA courses in Canada. MBA programs offered by these universities are held in high regard and highly regarded worldwide.

1- McGill University – 


  • #74 worldwide by the QS
  • #64 worldwide by THE
  • #91 by FT

McGill University’s MBA program is one of Canada’s most highly respected and well-known MBA programs. The MBA program at McGill offers a general management degree focusing on entrepreneurship, international business, and innovation.

  • Fees: $35,000- $52,000 CDN
  • Duration: 16 months
  • Study Options: Full-time or part-time MBA
  • Location: Montreal, Canada.

2- University of Toronto – 


  • QS – #47/ MBA – #22 in North America.
  • THE- #28 globally and MBA ranking of #25 in the world.
  • FT (Financial Times) MBA Ranking is 33rd in North America, while overall, it ranks at 66th among all MBA programs worldwide.

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering offers a specialized MBA program that focuses on various aspects such as technology, leadership, etc., provided across three separate campuses throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Fees: $52,000/Year
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Study Options: Full-time or part-time MBA
  • Location: Multiple locations including Mississauga, Scarborough & Downtown Toronto Canada

3 – Univerisity of Alberta – 


  • QS MBA Ranking is #117
  • 100 – 125 by THE
  • Overall it ranks at 38th place among all MBA programs worldwide.

The University of Alberta’s MBA program offers a diverse range of specializations to learn from the best minds in industry, finance & accounting, etc. The MBA program allows students to develop essential skills for success in the business world.

  • Fees: $21,000 -$37,000/year
  • Duration: 16 months
  • Study Options: Full-time MBA
  • Location: Edmonton, Canada.

4- University of British Columbia


  • QS MBA Ranking is #84.
  • MBA also ranks at 36th place among all MBA programs worldwide by THE, and it’s ranked globally at 50-58 by FT (Financial Times).

The University of British Columbia offers one of the best MBA programs in Canada to students looking for a holistic business degree. MBA students can choose between MBA streams in Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

  • Fees: $50,000-$72,500/year
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Study Options: Full-time MBA
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada.

5 – Concordia University 


  • MBA Ranking #101
  • #131-140 by QS
  • #301-400 by THE

Concordia University MBA program provides students with relevant skills and knowledge in core business subjects, including finance, strategy, etc. The MBA course at Concordia is offered across three campuses located throughout the Greater Montreal Area (Montreal).

  • Fees: $32,000 -$38,500/ year
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Study Options: Full-time MBA or part-time MBA (evening & weekend)
  • Location: Montreal, Canada.

Benefits of MBA in Canada

– MBA programs in Canada are globally respected and offer excellent career opportunities.

– Canadian MBA degrees focus on empirical, practical, real-world business skills that are important for success in the industry.

– The cost of studying for an MBA in Canada is considerably lower than in the United States and other countries.

– Canadian MBA programs offer a more personalized MBA experience (smaller class size).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MBA in Canada expensive?? 

MBA in Canada is not very expensive compared to MBA programs in the United States or the UK. However, it may be slightly more costly than MBA degrees in other countries. MBA in Canada may cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $75,000 per year, depending on the college.

Which MBA gives the highest salary?

No MBA degree guarantees you the highest salary. However, MBA degrees from top-ranked universities in Canada can offer excellent career opportunities with high salaries. For example, MBA graduates from the University of Toronto can earn an average salary of $75,000 per year.

Conclusion –

MBA in Canada is well recognized MBA degree all around the world. MBA graduates are highly sought due to their practical skills, knowledge, and global perspective. I hope you like my article & will share it.

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